Looked At Some Apartments In Lewisville For Rent


I wanted to move closer to my family and I was living on the other side of town. I started searching around for apartments that were for rent in the area so I could live a little closer


I asked my family members if they knew of any apartments in Lewisville for rent. They said they had seen a few on Facebook and that I should check there. I went to Facebook and started looking.

Apartments for rent

I also made a status and posted it on Facebook asking if anyone could tell me about apartments in Lewisville for rent. I got some responses with rentals that were closer to my family.

Few Apartments For Rent

I looked at a few apartments for rent in the area before figuring out which one was right for me. It was a better price than the other ones and it was the closest to my family. Before renting it though, I wanted to find out how it was renting off of this landlord and if he was quick to fix things that were wrong and if he was easy to work with.

My lease was almost up and I wanted to find something before then.I found a few of them and was able to contact them right there on Facebook.I was able to contact those landlords so I could set up an appointment with them to look at the apartments.I was able to get moved into this apartment within the next few weeks. I love living a little closer to my family. It doesn’t feel like it takes forever to drive and see them now.

Apartment Complex

I really love the apartment I live in too. It’s pretty nice and the landlord has been really great so far. I haven’t had any issues and I love the environment in this apartment complex.